IMPACT Focus: Environment | Education | Health TIGER TOTES A program that began from the concern of a child for her friend was founded by the work and effort by many individuals and organizations. This program provides Elementary and Intermediate school student with nutrition for the weekend. When Tiger Totes formed a partnership with LDL it gave the program longevity.
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A charitable organization
in support of education, health,
and environmental projects for the youth
and adults of Somervell County
and adjacent counties.



HOW IS LDL FUNDED? • Paluxy Pedal bike race is LDL's 
only fund-raiser. • Through donations from businesses and individuals, memorials, honorariums, grants from other foundations, and payroll deduction gifts 
from Glen Rose School employees.

"LDL's support has never wavered. 
Every employee and visitor at Dinosaur Valley State Park has benefitted through LDL Educational Resource Foundation’s dedication to Glen Rose."


 Robert Enckhausen

Superintendent Dinosaur Valley State Park



Years LDL has impacted

Greater Somervell County

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